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From the Editor
I hope you enjoy these pages. We are always looking for volunteers, please contact us if you are interested in helping build these galleries. ed.

Please Send Submissions!
Please send us articles or notes of interest about Kingston via the Submissions button above. The Kingston Vintage Press is for Kingstonians to promote their city’s history while promoting local business and community groups.
Please Contact Us Here
if you have any questions, or items you would like mentioned on our Vintage Press pages.

Kingston Families
Does your family have a history in Kingston? We would be glad to help you to create a gallery page for your family on Vintage Kingston! Contact us for details, and we will help you get your family’s history online.

Our Network is Growing!
The Vintage photos are just the beginning of the Netcities Network. The B2B Business Card index is online, and has gotten over 35,000 clicks in August alone! Our free 3D2D Art Gallery will begin taking submissions next month, and we hope to have it online soon after.

About The Netcities Network
As more sites and cities come online we will begin to populate our Netcities pages. These will be a directory of various topics and items of interest to see across our network. It is still in the early stages, but will continue to grow as our network does.
Check for updates.

New Photos Always Welcome!
Please continue to upload your favourite Vintage Photos for others to see on your favourite Facebook pages.
Vintage Kingston Facebook Pages!.

Our Histories in Photos
Over the holidays, why not browse your family photo albums for vintage photos? Everyone likes to see photos of our citie’s past. Please contact us if you would like any assistance uploading or digitising your photos.

Like Historic Photos?
All of the Vintage and Netcities sites are supported by the ads around these pages. Click them for details, and see what our area has to offer. Ads all have details available, simply click to view, and then click Return to close.
All of the businesses advertising here keep these sites online and growing. Next time you visit these businesses mention you saw them here on Vintage Kingston. Pride in our history is pride in our city, our families, and our heritage. Thank you everyone for enjoying these sites, and visiting again and again.

Thank you Kingston!
The Netcities Kingston sites have many visitors. Thank you everyone for supporting our efforts!

Kingston 1890-1909

Kingston B2B
The Kingston B2B business card directory is online. Everyone can submit their card. It is fast and easy. Simply take a picture of your business card at a low resolution (<2M) and then simply upload it or email it to the Netcities. You will be given a login/password in order to pick topics for your card, so it will be found. Your email address will be linked to the card.

Ontario’s Oldest Cemetery?
It has been recently overheard (yet to be verified) that the cemetery in the church yard at the corner of Montreal and Queen Streets is the oldest in Ontario. Another Kingston first.
The Limestone city has many firsts. If you know of others, please let us know. We will post them here for here for all to see.
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